Sunday, 29 April 2012


Clothing: A woolen jumper 'borrowed' from the lovely boyfriend
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

Student houses can be cold places and there usually comes a point in the term when you've worn your own woolen coats and cardigans more than the sheep did itself. 

Have no fear. A male's wardrobe can be at your disposal allowing you to extend your clothing options. The 'boyfriend' trend is good but 100% pure male clothing is better- authentic male clothing, just like vintage clothing is a far better option- also if the owner of the wardrobe has a good aftershave it makes the activity so much more victorious.

What to pick from the male wardrobe? Big thick white socks make good travel/flying companions for your feet, temporary mittens or bed socks for when you've lost your hot water bottle (ensure socks are washed before use). Woolly jumpers make for good blankets when revising. Scarves serve well as an accessory or warm windshield when walking home from the library at a moonlight hour. Checked shirts with rolled back sleeves are also great finds to add to your collection, especially if they have large pockets to store your phone, snacks and pens in.

Happy treasure hunting.