Monday, 7 May 2012



Subject: Spanish vegetation and its luscious orange, yellow and green hues 
Location: Spain
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

Consuming the one hundred carrots that you managed to purchase for one pound from your student budget shop is a hard task to complete. You can dip them in as many 'two for the price of one' hummus tubs you wish or bake as many carrot cakes as your procrastination allows you to. It doesn't matter whether you cut them up into circles, squares, long strips, grate them or mash them up with swede- they will always be there waiting for you in that dark fridge draw blinding you with their orange hue.     

A solution to this carrot conundrum? Vegetable dying. Onions, dandelion roots (found in abundance in student gardens...and they're free!),oak bark, red cabbage and coffee (although probably more essential for 24 hour shifts at the library), also make great dying materials for staining paper and natural material. 

Vegetable dying help:

Happy carrot consuming.