Sunday, 27 May 2012


Location: Fossgate, York. This lady luckily stopped just as I was about to take the photograph. She was pushing her child in a pram and was about to run down the slope. A second after I captured the frame she said "one, two, three...goooooo" and they flew away, the little girl in the pram giggling in excitement (or with fear for the cobbles that followed).
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

Item: Indian cotton trousers from a Turkish market
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

The bright beaming rays of the sun remind us that it is exam season. However, it also means that it is acceptable to hunt out the thin cotton Indian trousers you picked up in a flee market on your last summer holiday, marked with beautiful patterns in tantalising summer hues. Slip them on in the morning when the sun is starting to rise in its ocean blue sky and feel free to hop straight onto your yoga mat before the day of revision commences (note: very comfy revision companions, forming a tent like construction around your lower half).

What to play on your record player whilst on your yoga mat in the lotus position or when sat at your desk?

...'S Wonderful by Joao Gilberto.