Wednesday, 13 June 2012


This is the window cow called Thomas that befriended me on my holiday in the valley. Personally the tuft of hair and floppy ears just does it for me- why, if I had a field and a barn, I'd have taken Thomas home with me.

This is Thomas's friend James. He was too shy to peep through the window but by the end of the week I managed to wean a little smile
out of him, if one can make a cow smile that is.

The sandy sea salt dog, I renamed Derick, that decided to play with me. Derick always managed to find the soggy tennis ball, even when it was hidden in a pocket.

Above is one of the loveliest things that followed me. Some say, like my Grandma, that curls are wasted on a man, but it would make running your fingers through his head of hair and then messing it back up again much less fun.

All photos taken by Sarah J Wolfe at Whitby and Scarborough, Yorkshire.