Sunday, 10 June 2012



Location: Goathland, Yorkshire
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

A week spent living in a valley does wonders for the nerves. A sample of the fresh smell of grass, herds of cows and meadow flowers is worthy of being bottled up and sold for relaxing remedies- maybe not so much the cow herds. The only form of engine fume filling the air was the steam from a shiny black steam train. 

This mode of transport is without a doubt the best way to travel- the passengers on the platform seem relatively happy, excited even to go about their journeys, the interior of the carriages are a rich combination of wooden bag holders and seats home to old patterned cushions, the drivers and conductors stick their heads out the window and give you a big grin, passers by stand and wave...the train even lets out a cheerful whistle as it leaves the station, replacing the monotonous voice of the woman on the loud speaker.

This is how we should travel, whether it be for leisure, going to work or to educational institutions. Maybe the tube and national rail services will consider a change of interior to their modern carriages. We might have to wait till after the Olympics though.