Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Objects: Moss covering the once shiny white enamel, wooden and stone surfaces, yellow poppies
Location: My Auntie's garden in Warwickshire and my cottage in the Yorkshire valley 
Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe

Every person who owns or rents a house, flat or room should have a house pet to welcome them home everyday. This can range from the expensive, such as a dog, to the not so expensive, such as a goldfish, who like me you may name Bob and Murphy. After owning three hamsters named Hamster, Runner and Gordon Brown and two fish as a child, one likes to think that they are able to move up the 'animal owner chain'. However, the top of the chain won't be attempted for a while: firstly horses are ruled out- granted they are good transportation methods- but where on earth do you park a horse? My second option and favorite animal, an Elephant, shouldn't be kept as a pet and therefore would involve moving to India or Africa to make a companionship with one. Maybe then, a cat, who I would name Arnold, may be a friendly house companion to have?

Another important thing to take into consideration when owning or renting a room with a roof is the greenery. A small garden, even a roof garden, would be a pleasant thing to own in the nearing future where it would be lovely to grow a meadow full of poppies and let white surfaces of enamel bowls and cupboards weather a mossy green.