Saturday, 11 August 2012


Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe
Location: Le Plessis, Brittany, Northern France

Escaping to a collection of remote cottages [owned by two lovely Aunts and Uncles] in Northern France, surrounded by fields which are dotted with cows and hay bales, is a great way to spend the summer months.  

Time here can be told by the animals who share this beautiful piece of land. In the morning the rooster signals it is time to rise from a peaceful night's slumber and the cat meows at the door reminding you of its empty breakfast bowl. At midday the sun shines onto the outside table and the wheelbarrow planted with lettuce. Towards the evening the rooster and his hens wonder into their nest box ready for a sleep after a long day pecking at the sun warmed soil and the cow milking machine, that starts humming in a near farm shed about
8.30pm, finally fades away around 9.45pm signaling the working day for the farmer has ended and that the time has come to snuggle up in bed with a book until you once again fall asleep.

It seems one can become instantly relaxed casually relying on nature for the hands of time and not on the old grandfather clock which is left softly ticking in the background.

...à bientôt ('see you soon')