Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Another song for you from 'A Good Year' to hum along to whilst reading the post...

...and because there was a man playing the accordion in the market we visited today...

Groovy dressed man in background 

Another old groovy bike!

Bird watching...

The bird in the middle jiggled so much after washing itself in the water it looked like it had an accident with some hair gel 

Photographer: Sarah J Wolfe
Location: Rennes (capital of Brittany), Northwestern France

Modern technology seems to be failing me lately. Maybe it's the French atmosphere trying to tell me to relax and take it easy. But there are too many things to be photographed! 

Visiting a market in Rennes the other day presented some gorgeous photograpahs of fresh fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately my camera decided to keep these from me. My favourite (and lost) photograph of the day- an old French couple who ran a vegetable and flower stall, the husband was selling potatoes dug from his allotment and the wife selling flowers tied up in small bunches from her flower garden.

We had to take the metro to get to Rennes market which was quite exciting. You have to buy a metro ticket from a self service machine that looks like an old train ticket which is even more exciting! 

...à bientôt