Friday, 7 September 2012


Object: Pillow case made from cotton brought back from Malawi

A self-confessed 'collector' (see my next post for evidence of my hoarding that I like to think is now all under control) of all things vintage, patterned, arty and unique I was only to happy to help a lovely friend, Miss Cull, turn a beautiful piece of material she bought and wore as a skirt on her travels in Malawi this summer into a pillow case. 

The smaller book in the photographs is my current read- Laura Ashley by Anne Sebba (published by Faber Finds). I'm not usually one for non-fiction but this book leaves you with a great appreciation and insight into the hard work and determination that goes into building an international company. To prove the sense of empathy and insight you are left with, I saw a Laura Ashley van delivering some furniture the other day and I nearly ran out to the delivery man waving my book...or maybe that's just me being a little unique(/weird).

Happy sewing.