Thursday, 11 October 2012


The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Shapley photographed by Sarah J Wolfe

There once was a bride who wore peppermint green shoes and a wedding dress with cream polka dot lace. Her hair, a beautiful strawberry blonde, was tied in a loose bun and on the top rested a lovely cream flower. The groom wore a flowery shirt and tie, and so did the groomsmen and bride's father, and for shoes- cream converse boots. The vicar told the wedding party that everyone's attire looked rather stylish and vintage and that he was sorry for not following suit- his old robes were in the wash. 

A reception in an old village hall was decorated with twee patterned tablecloths, garden flowers, vintage teacups and saucers, a lampshade installation and metres and metres of fabulous bunting. 

Once the wedding party was full with the buffet, cupcakes, miniature puddings of shortbread, raspberries and chocolate and coffee served in vintage teapots, the beautiful day was danced away to old vinyl records.

NOTE. The groom's mother made all of the wonderful and lovely artwork (napkin holders and the cake decorations) you may have spotted in the photographs. Pop over to her blog:


  1. Peppermint green shoes - they are just the most beautiful...and so fitting....for a vintage wedding.

    Nina x

  2. I know they were absolutely beautiful! :D x