Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Note: the following stories are to be taken lightly for humorous purposes. No Sarah has been harmed in the making of this post :-)

One becomes aware of how tired they have grown after being told by a librarian "You are too young to be having senior moments dear" and spending part of a seminar worrying that your lecturer may start to believe you are winking at him due to a twitching eye.

Some of the strange things I have done this week as a result of my tired state: consumed a whole packet of Rolos in five minutes, seriously wondering where the biscuit centre was and then realising after staring at the empty shiny gold foil that it is Munchies not Rolos that have a biscuit centre. This week I also forgot how to return a library book, or if I even had in fact returned the book in question, the previous week, which resulted in the librarian's comment above. 

So now that you have clear in your mind an image of me as an old lady who, yes purposely wears large granny jumpers and cardigans from jumble sales and charity shops that don't match the rest of my attire (the more prints the merrier :-)), carrying bags of library books I can't remember renewing whilst my eye twitches sporadically. When I read this back to myself I laughed and wondered if this made me slightly delirious and strange, for laughing at my own state of randomness I mean, more wonderfully strange than usual I suppose. Lovely jubbly.

Now it must be said that I feel a bit like the bear from my most favourite ever children's book, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen (please buy me it for Christmas). He has lost his hat...I know how he feels.

Have fun being strange lovely readers.