Saturday, 23 February 2013


The good thing about buying a cookery book for a housemate is that they then bake what I could only visually admire in the scrumptious photographs. If I had enough pennies I would fill my bookshelves with as many cookery books as I could, even if it was only to gaze at the photographic splendour an illustrative non-fiction book has to offer. The cake above? Warm chocolate mousse cake. I only just managed to capture the yummy creation, finding the last lonely slice hiding under the tin this morning.

The charming little book above? Lovely Mother Wolfe found it buried in the book section of our family's favourite jumble sale that is held by the Scouts in Hampton, London. Entitled Daily Light, it features a daily text on the Bible, one for the morning when you are drinking your first cup of tea, and one for the evening hour before you snuggle back under your quilts for the night. The texts are supported by a list of verses.

It is in good nip despite being printed in 1959, the corners are a little worn but this adds to its charm. The edges of the pages are coloured gold, and the bookmark, a green ribbon, is a little frayed. I wonder how many owners it has had. I wonder what they did, or still do, for a living. Were they a collector of books- their bookshelves exploding- or was this their only one? And how did they receive the book- was it a gift from a friend or did they save up to enjoy the golden edged pages with their own pennies? Oh how marvellous a few bounded pieces of paper can be.

I looked up the address of the publishers on Goggle street view- lots of tall white stoned buildings...take a look for yourself: 

Samuel Bagster & Sons Ltd
 4 New Bridge Street

Ta ta.