Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Selvedge shop window, Chelsea

When I was a young one I created a den, or maybe more.

Tablecloths were draped from chairs and the old wooden table made for an excellent fort. 

Bears, dollies and toy animals, with rolled up strips of paper for crowns and hankies for capes, were the dens' inhabitants.

Miniature teapots were filled with orange juice and the juice was always served with a spoonfull of sugar.


Mother Wolfe and I went on an adventure to Chelsea Old Town Hall at the end of March to immerse ourselves in all things woven, knitted and elegantly crafted at the Selvedge Spring Fair

The wonderful handcrafted bears made by A Threadbear Production were without a doubt my favourite collection of creations from the many wonderful exhibitors. I only wish the mice on Grace Lane's stall, the creator, would have taken a liking to me, hopped off their seats, climbed down the wooden table leg and followed me all the way home. I also wish I was small enough to fit inside the tutu outfit worn by the lady mouse below- the annoyances of being human sized.

Credit: 2 photos above Grace Lane @ http://somedogsbody.blogspot.co.uk/ / top photograph Sarah Johanna Wolfe