Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Some of the best birthday presents* come in brown paper packages tied up in strings ...or brown envelopes. 

You can hold the parcel in your hands and try to guess what is hidden underneath the well-sellotaped seal.

You can feel the envelope's bubble wrap and soft inner lining move around the item it has fought to protect on its long journey. 

The excitement draws your fingers under the sellotape - you feel the stickiness of the glue, and tear open the seal.

It's like a cave, in the envelope, and your hand dives in to bring to your eyes what your hands and mind could only imagine and speculate.

If that undiscovered object of excitement is a vintage bag from the roaring twenties, the envelope has done its job well, oh joy to the vintage bag!

The brown envelope now lies on the floor. Its job is done. 


Oh who, oh who could have sent me vintage by post? Why my lovely cousin Lyd. Remember the lovely Lyd from the fantabulous vintage wedding featured on my blog last year? Take a look on the iPad** below why don't you and refresh your memory. 

*To those who do not know, I collected another one to my twenty years at the end of March 

**Note: this iPad is not mine. It is my Nanny Wolfe's. Quite amazing.