Friday, 27 June 2014


Sarah Johanna Wolfe
This Friday's OATS features a charming little book I stumbled upon at the graphic design show Pick Me Up back in May. Golly gosh, how time flies.

Among many a weird and wonderful graphic creation was a friendly felt cat and some hand bound books tied up with string entitled The Amazing Adventures of Montgomery and Edgar Jones. This children's story, by Sarah Glover, features a little boy who decides he has had enough of feeling "really truly mischievously boring" (to quote the little boy, Monty). So Monty does what we must all do when we are bored- he picks up his best friend, Edgar the cat, and takes him on an adventure and WALLAH... a story is born. 

I have a soft spot for characters in their dolly form, which I nattered about to you before when reviewing The Storm Whale. An accompanying toy or dolly gives a story a marvellous 3D tactile quality that allows children to climb in their cardboard box (that is actually a boat), with their cuddly friend, and carry on the adventure beyond the last page of their book.

Thank you Sarah, for reminding us to have an adventure every now and then.

I thought I'd end this post by showing you a photograph of the cardboard box I played in as a young nipper - it could transform into a house, a rocket ship and a cafe...yes it was pretty special. 

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